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The man who spoke Boarish (Rubem Cabral)

The day had barely opened its gritty eyes, had not even gotten rid of the drunken and delayed stars and pushed them back under the mauve horizon’s blanket, and someone … Continuar lendo

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A Strange Duel (Thiago Lopes)

I remember it clearly: first I heard the clicking of spurs, then came the imposing figure―skin tanned by the Brazilian northern sun, gray eyes, a leather hat and a prophet’s … Continuar lendo

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Scourge Me By Leaving (Eduardo Barão)

I I don’t want… “Twenty minutes? It’s only two blocks from here to the bakery, Lena.” “Genaro closed his store almost two weeks ago. I had to walk around until … Continuar lendo

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I Think, Therefore I am (Pétrya Bischoff)

It’s not like dreaming. I don’t see images or hear voices—I feel. I feel sharply. At this moment I cannot hear myself speak, but I feel all the eloquence of … Continuar lendo

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Ravenous Raven: the hungry darkness within (Amanda Leonardi)

There is a monster in my mind. And I think I’m going insane. At first it used to disguise as a raven, just flying around whenever it felt like, screaming … Continuar lendo

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Stormy Stream (Amanda Leonardi)

Just like everyone in the universe, they run in the dark. The world is a dark ocean and all they can do is to move forwards. There is no past, … Continuar lendo

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White Butterflies (Ana Paula Lemes)

“She was dressed in white, white, that shade of white no one wears any more, but her soul was iridescent.” Mario Quintana ♫ Do ♫ She had arrived recently in … Continuar lendo

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Bloody Mary (Marcellus Pereira)

It wasn’t my first case. I already had a reputation in town, as they say. You know how it is: in the small towns of the state of Minas, everyone … Continuar lendo

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A Grave Digger’s Collection – Short Story (Thais Pereira)

“Welcome, idolatress!” I said as I heard the door creaking and felt a gust of wind coming in. My hands were still shaking, but the empty bottle of brandy sitting … Continuar lendo

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No Hours – Short Story (Claudia Roberta Angst)

Betina opened her eyes with uncertainty rolling down with her tears. She could not speak the language of the clock, which insisted on indicating the passing hours. For one minute, … Continuar lendo

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The Iron Horse – Short Story (Marco Piscies)

In the far northern part of the state of Paraíba lay a train cemetery. It looked like any other cemetery: deserted, silent, and somber. Arthur could almost feel the atmosphere … Continuar lendo

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Rebuilding Sarah Parker (Gustavo Araujo)

  Of course, Tony was intrigued. Even in the packed tube, he saw the girl come in. A plaid scarf was wrapped around her neck, edges falling in parallel lines … Continuar lendo

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Isabelle and The Flower – Short Story (Gustavo Araujo)

It was time for Isabelle to go to sleep. Mom took her to bed, pulled the blanket and gave her a kiss on the forehead. The girl had a fever. … Continuar lendo

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Catherine And The Woods – Short Story (Gustavo Araujo)

I could never say how many times I heard Nina tell this story. Many years ago, when I was a little boy, my brothers and I used to spend the holidays … Continuar lendo

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